Happy Valentine's Day 2023!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today we celebrate an academic relationship that benefits the community. The WFB Blue Duke Nation is a joint effort of the WFB School District and the WFB Public Education Foundation. Parents and community members who wanted to contribute to the long term growth of the WFB Public Schools created the Foundation in 1993. They raised funds to establish an endowment which continues to grow through investment of the funds and fund raising events such as the Annual Appeal, annual Run the Bay run/walk and bi-annual Bay Balls. 


The Foundation's tagline is "Funding Innovation" which is accomplished through Nuss Grants to teachers for innovative projects; Bay Ball donations to the School District for innovative programs such as Science labs; Nelson Grants to teachers for continuing education; and scholarships to graduating seniors for continued education.

The Foundation funds the WFB Blue Duke Nation website and works with the School District to provide information about the schools, alumni reunions and opportunities for mentoring students. Our goal is to connect alumni, students and the community. Together, we can celebrate and strengthen our wonderful public schools.

Thank you for becoming a part of WFB Blue Duke Nation!

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