HS Career Day 2024 a success!

updated March 25, 2024:

The High School hosted 84 guest speakers in sixteen career clusters over two days in February 2024. The goal of the event was to help students expand their views and see opportunities for “the futures they have in mind!” The event was a huge success, with family, friends, neighbors, and alumni all speaking to students about their careers and how they ended up where they are today.

Some of the following bright spots were shared by Principal Levek:

  • A student stopping down to tell his counselor that he can now see his goal/path into the trades through an apprenticeship that he learned about this week.
  • A folder containing a list of people who have already offered to come next year!
  • Guest speakers who shared that "they do around 4 or 5 career days at high schools in the Milwaukee area per year and by far our students were the most respectful and engaged they've ever experienced. She specifically mentioned the level of questions the students asked were so thoughtful.
  • Many emails like this one from parents: "Great feedback from (my sons)! They both attended Kyle (the CPA turned beer can entrepreneur) and one also had the actuary, while the other went to the man who founded the company in Ghana. They said it was such a great program. They told me about their speakers in great detail. They think it’s awesome that WFBHS plans to make this an annual program."
  • Students asking to network with our speakers to expand projects here at school or simply learn more.

Alumni who spoke at the HS Career Day include:

Deon Harris, Firefighter
Yia Vang, Chef and Media Personality
Steve Wallace, CEO/Founder Omanhene Cocoa Company
Foley Van Lieshout, Assistant District Attorney
Allison Wagner-Executive Director All in Milwaukee (Educational Non-profit)
Tommy End, You Tuber
Alex Sechtig, Industrial Engineering
Angel Sechtig-Culinary, Event Planner
Joey Davey-NBA Strength Coach, Memphis Grizzlies
Jenn McNeill-Environmental Engineer, Bilingual
Tom Sylke-Attorney
Mike MacKay-Vice President Wynnchurch Capital 
Mady Vicker Mayer, Physician's Assistant
Sam Vicker Wolf, Physician's Assistant
Blake Bostwick-Civil Engineer
Tim Whalen (Class of 1992 and on the Fine Arts Wall of Fame), Musician, Jazz Pianist, Composer
Tim Whalen
Blake Bostwick
Joey Davey
Deon Harris

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