WFB Public Schools Strategic Planning

WFB Public Schools held community conversations in November 2023 lead by Drew Howick of Howick Associates, who asked participants to address the following questions: 

  • Creating a Historical Timeline: What was happening in the world? What was happening in this area? What was happening in education? 
  • Identifying Issues and Trends: What are the issues and trends that are impacting our students and schools? 
  • Prouds and Sorries: Based on your knowledge and/or experience with the Whitefish Bay School District, what are you proud and sorry about? 
  • Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: What do you believe are the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will be necessary for the future success of our students and schools? 
  • Creating a Vision: What has the school district been doing to address the growth, wellbeing, and evolving needs of students and schools? 

Read the results in the 2023 Strategic Planning Summative Report.


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